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Cause when he's lookin', she falls apart.

She loves, she loves to dance in the dark.

Little Miss Favourite Boobie Bitches
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he's all up in my george foreman.

Nic. Irish. Wasting my time of works of fiction that aren't very good, Asian idols, spamming my friends' friends lists with things they don't care about and occasionally being a right stroppy bitch. I rant a lot. About things I probably don't know all that much about. D: Just say I'm passionate: it makes it sound better. Crazy is too harsh.

I do a lot of random things, make a lot posts that are probably too small and a waste of time, and often say one thing then end up feeling a different way in like a day's time when it comes to my fandoms. But never when it comes to real life and friends, so I guess that's good. I'm good with most types of people, and don't judge by who your friends are.

I don't bite. Feel free to friend, long as you'll comment me on occasion. Honestly, people who add me and just kind of ... are there, watching me, creepy me out a little. o.O

Easily found on: ☎xfridaypartyx.

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